Public policy is developed in a rapidly changing and complex world. We have been continually evolving since 1996 to meet this reality. The timeline below shows the developments that lead to the creation of Policy Horizons Canada in 2011.

1996: The Policy Research Secretariat was created in the Privy Council Office. It fostered collaboration across the public service. It also identified key issues relating to the government’s policy agenda.

2000: The Policy Research Secretariat became known as the Policy Research Initiative (PRI). Over the following two years its role changed from being a facilitator to that of being a leader in carrying out medium-term, horizontal research projects

2006: The Clerk of the Privy Council established the Deputy Ministers Steering Committee for PRI. The goal was to provide the organization with advice and improve the dissemination of work within senior ranks of the Public Service. PRI was transferred to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for administrative purposes.

2011: PRI transformed to become Policy Horizons Canada. With a mandate to provide foresight, Horizons helps the federal public service anticipate emerging policy challenges and opportunities for Canada in a rapidly changing and complex world. To do this, Horizons works with others, inside and outside the federal family. We bring together people with different disciplines and perspectives to co-create knowledge.

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