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Policy Horizons Canada’s mandate is to identify emerging policy issues and explore policy challenges and opportunities for Canada, as well as to help build foresight literacy and capacity across the Government of Canada. Horizons’ experienced futurists provide expert advice on emerging issues, foresight and scanning through one-on-one discussions, interdepartmental meetings, and facilitated workshops. All engagement requests are discussed collaboratively at the Horizons’ senior management table on a weekly basis. To engage with Horizons, please submit your request to

For general inquiries, you may:

telephone: 613-947-3800
fax: 613-995-6006

Staff List

Katherine Antal Senior Policy Researcher 613-992-3755
Imran Arshad Senior Policy Researcher 613-992-8578
Marcus Ballinger Manager 613-947-7761
Martin Berry Policy Researcher 613-992-8161
Steffen Christensen Senior Policy Researcher 613-943-3259
Louis-Philippe Gascon Network Administrator 613-947-3904
John Giraldez Director 613-992-3660
Deanna Jamieson Senior Policy Researcher 613-992-9356
Kelly Ann Lambe Head, Corporate Operations 613-992-3792
Marissa Martin Communications Project Officer 613-995-3696
Peter Padbury Chief Futurist 613-943-8412
Isabelle Poirier Communication and Visual Design Officer 613-947-3909
Rhiannen Putt Senior Policy Researcher 613-947-3874
Dione Scott Policy Analyst 613-992-3704
Tracey Wait Manager of foresight 613-992-5237